Each quarter, NDR presents a webinar on a topic pertinent to the industry. Webinars may be attended live, or you can log on and view later at your convenience.

Upcoming webinar topics include:


ES&H for D&D Operations
Presented by: James E. (Jim) Tarpinian, MS, CHP
Date: March
This webinar will discuss ES&H; D&D hazards; radiological safety; non-radiological safety; additional ES&H issues; decommissioning & environmental impacts; ES&H Planning Checklist; and more.

JimTarpinianJames E. (Jim) Tarpinian is owner and principal consultant of Tarpinian Consulting Services, providing professional, managerial and technical environmental, safety and health (ES&H) support to U.S. government contractors. He is nationally recognized as a highly experienced ES&H professional with demonstrated solid leadership in occupational safety and health management, health physics, environmental remediation and waste management. Tarpinian’s experience includes national laboratory management, decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and waste sites, heavy manufacturing, commercial construction, nuclear power plant operations, and corporate oversight.  

Tarpinian’s previous positions include: Director, Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (ESH&Q) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; Vice President, Corporate ESH&Q, Battelle Memorial Institute; Director, ESHQ, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Manager, Safety and Health, Bechtel Hanford, Inc.; and Manager, Radiological Engineering, GPU Nuclear. Certifications include: Trainer, Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training, FEMA IS 302; Executive Program in Safety Management, American Society of Safety Engineers; Mediator, Benton-Franklin County WA; and Coach, Neuroleadership Institute. He has received the Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award, American Academy of Health Physics, 2004; Fellow Award, Health Physics Society, 2002; and the Elda E. Anderson Award, Health Physics Society, 1991.


An Overview of D&D Technologies Underway at the DOE
Presented by: Andrew Szilagyi, Director, Office of Deactivation and Decommissioning and Facility Engineering, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Date: 2nd quarter

Andrew P. Szilagyi
Andrew P. Szilagyi

Andrew P. Szilagyi has served as Director, Office of Deactivation & Decommissioning and Facility Engineering, Office of Environmental Management, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington DC since 1991. Szilagyi has over 30 years of multidisciplinary experience in nuclear, chemical processing and related facility deactivation and decommissioning projects; environmental restoration at over 300 Superfund sites; and health and safety program development and management.

From 1997 to 2003, he conceived, developed and managed DOE’s National Facility Deactivation Initiative (NFDI), a Vice Presidential HAMMER Award-winning program aimed at accelerating the D&D of DOE’s excess facilities. Under his leadership, state-of- the-art methodologies, such as the End Points process for defining deactivation completion conditions, and tools, such as the Requirements Based Surveillance and Maintenance (RBSM) process/software, were developed leading to significant efficiencies in planning and implementing D&D work. In Szilagyi’s current position, he is responsible for providing technical support to, and oversight and evaluation of DOE D&D projects, and for identifying and ensuring development and deployment of innovative technology solutions.


Dates and times TBD. Stay tuned for more information!