Vista Engineering Technologies, Inc. Enhances Capabilities and Diversifies Client Base with Strategic Initiatives

Vista Engineering Technologies, Inc. announces completion of two strategic initiatives that will significantly enhance the company’s capabilities and diversify its client base. The first was the acquisition of employees and intellectual property from the former S.A.Technology, Inc. in Loveland, Colorado, US. In an agreement with S.A.Technology, Vista Engineering was able to hire the core members as well as acquire eight patents and various trade secrets associated with S.A.Technology’s Remote Systems & Services division. These key members along with the remote systems intellectual property combine synergistically with Vista Engineering’s technical depth and intimate knowledge of the weapons complex, nuclear industry, and environmental remediation challenges. This will allow Vista Engineering to expand upon the high quality engineering services with specialized remote system operations for various hazardous waste environments.

Matt Cole, engineering manager of the newly formed Remote Systems & Services Business Area for Vista Engineering said, “Technology will continue to play an increased role in the successful completion of challenging projects. The goal for the Remote Systems and Services division is to increase safety for workers by eliminating the need to place people in high-risk, enclosed spaces, or hazardous environments. We are very pleased to join the Vista team and to continue to work on technically challenging problems.”

The first contract awarded to Vista Engineering’s new Remote Systems & Services group is the design of a Remote Inspection Manipulator for the Primary Containment Vessel at Fukushima’s Daiichi Power Plant. The contract was awarded by Japanese industry leader IHI.

The second initiative was the signing of a worldwide agreement with Kurion, Inc.  to provide engineering services such as Design, Engineering Analysis, Quality Assurance, Safety Analysis, Alternative Analysis, Permitting, Project Controls and Document Control for Kurion’s Modular Vitrification, In-Container Vitrification and Ion- Specific Media systems. Kurion is responsible for treatment of 128,780 cubic meters of radioactive water at Fukushima and is currently pursuing Waste Treatment alternatives for the Hanford Site Tank Wastes.

Bill Gallo, COO of Kurion commented, “Vista Engineering is a great teaming partner to provide Kurion engineering resources necessary to install and operate Kurion systems both domestically and abroad.”
Phillip Ohl, president & CEO of Vista Engineering, said, “These two initiatives closing at the same time will create significant and synergistic opportunities for Vista Engineering to continue to grow both nationally and internationally. With the continued decline and uncertainly in federal budgets, it’s a good time to be adding more tools to our tool box.”

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