VIDEO: The Faces of K-27 Deactivation

The K-27 Deactivation team has reached 96 percent completion as final activities to declare the building ready for demolition continue. To learn more about the K-27 Deactivation team and its work, watch the Faces of K-27 Deactivation video.

As the team prepares for hand off to demolition crews, scheduled for early 2016, the critical work now focuses on verification walk downs. Similar to a construction project punch list, the verification walk down checklist confirms that all deactivation work has been completed including the removal of hazardous and radioactive materials and components that exceed onsite waste disposal limits. When walk downs identify conditions outside of the deactivation plan, crews take actions to correct the inconsistencies and achieve compliance.
One of the final steps in the deactivation process will be declaring the building “crit incredible,” scheduled for late December. Crit incredible means all materials that could cause a nuclear criticality to occur have been removed.

Video: Oak Ridge