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Following formal permission to start defueling from the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) in July 2008, and the first flask being sent to Sellafield for reprocessing in April 2009, there has been consistent progress made with the defueling program at the Chapelcross Site.

Commenting on the latest milestone, Brian Burnett, NDA head of programmes (Magnox and RSRL), said, “The NDA is pleased that Magnox continues to make good progress in defueling Chapelcross to schedule and removing hazard from the site.”

A total of 38,075 fuel elements are being systematically removed from all four reactors and safely dispatched for reprocessing to Sellafield. To date, 34,552 fuel elements have been removed and sent for reprocessing in 234 flasks. This represents 91 percent of the defueling program with each flask containing an average of 150 fuel elements. Reactors 1, 3 and 4 are now completely free of fuel and the total flask shipments required to complete defueling at Chapelcross is approximately 260. Completion of the defueling project, which is scheduled to be completed by mid-2013, will result in 99 percent of the radioactivity removed from the site.
Richard Murray, plant manager in charge of the defueling project said, “This is a great achievement and another significant defueling milestone for the site as we head closer towards safely removing all the fuel from Chapelcross. Key to the success of the project has been the continued dedication of the skilled workforce currently focused on the defueling project.”

For more information, visit www.magnoxsites.co.uk.

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