From Preliminary to Final Planning for Decommissioning: Anything Wrong?

The key principle of planning for decommissioning should be continuity (a form of sustainability). Experience shows that a significant gap in planning will inevitably result in unnecessary delays (e.g. between final shutdown and the start of active decommissioning) and ultimately, extra costs.

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Magnox, EnergySolutions (Magnox’ s parent body organization), and the NDA have developed and implemented an optimized approach to the decommissioning of the Magnox sites known as the Magnox Optimised Decommissioning Programme (MODP). The programme sets out what the business will deliver over the comprehensive spending review period, including pioneering innovative ways of working, accelerating Bradwell and Trawsfynydd sites to a state of care and maintenance, and carrying out safe and efficient cleanup. Other sites have also received additional funding to accelerate some decommissioning projects. Acceleration of work on key sites is counter balanced by a reduction in scope or deferred demolition across other parts of the programme. The MODP offers a savings of about £1.3 billion from the original Magnox decommissioning strategy.

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