LLW - Nuclear Decommissioning Report

Knowledge Management From Design, Operation Throughout the Decommissioning Phases

Given the long timescales of active decommissioning projects (many decades), the preservation of information and its transfer to future generations is a fundamental element of this industry. But adding on the long time periods given to the siting, planning, construction and operation of a nuclear facility before shutdown (when most records relevant to future decommissioning are generated) the overall time span encompassing knowledge management for decommissioning purposes easily exceeds 100 years

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AREVA Awarded Contract for Nuclear Site Decommissioning for 12 Sites Throughout the UK

This contract applies to 12 sites throughout the UK managed by the decommissioning company Magnox Ltd as well as the nuclear site at Dounreay in Northern Scotland, Radioactive Waste Management Limited’s site in Harwell and the Low-Level Waste Repository in West Cumbria.

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West Valley Seeks Comment on Draft Waste Evaluation

This Draft Evaluation, which may enable the Department to dispose of the vessels as low-level radioactive waste (LLW), is a necessary step in the Department’s cleanup efforts at West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP)and meets its obligations under the WVDP Act of 1980.

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FLEXIBLE PACKAGING SYSTEMS: Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

For almost two decades, innovative and sustainable flexible packaging has been developed and utilized in the United States, designed specifically for LLW and other hazardous wastes with over 25,000 flexible containers safely deployed across the US nuclear industry.

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