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Ring Dosimeter for X, Gamma and Beta Radiation

Submitted by on July 17, 2012 – 7:31 pmNo Comment

Landauer’s ring dosimetry service provides comprehensive extremity radiation monitoring for those working in close proximity to radioactive materials.

Landauer’s thermoluminescent (TLD) ring dosimeter measures radiation expsoure due to x, beta and gamma radiation with a lithium fluoride chip.  The TLD is safely encapsulated inside the identification cover, therefore no separation of the TLD from the cover is possible, and the identify of the chip and the wearer is always maintained. The cover and TLD are independent of the ring base.

During analysis in Landauer’s laboratory, the TLD chip is heated causing it to beomce luminescent in proportion to the amount of radiation exposure. The luminescence is then measured and a report of exposure is generated. The glow curve of the readout that permits a more conclusive evaluation of radiation exposure can be retrieved and analyzed before the expousre report is generated if any anomoly appears.

Rings can be worn in dry or wet working conditions and cold sterilized without compromising the integrity of the dosimeter. Rings are available in small, medium and large to fit any user, and smooth edges allow the ring to slide and fit inside gloves. The bas of the ring changes colors each wear period to help identify wear dates.

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