Model 920 palmRAD-SPRD – Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

The Model 920 palmRAD SPRD, from Berkley Nucleonics, combines portability and ruggedness with spectroscopic capability to identify radioactive isotopes. Users can identify unknown sources or confirm known sources in seconds. The spectra is available to the user without the need for emailing or downloading the data. This all-in-one radiation detector has a state-of-the-art detector/PMT combination, which maximizes the statistical ability of the small system. In addition, a filtered GM tube provides extended dose rate data in the event that high background is present. This dual detector methodology enables the same SPRD to be used before or after a nuclear incident. The processing software leverages a modern CPU and the user interface is intuitive.

Applications which require an always-on PRD or a very lightweight device that won’t interfere with other ongoing operations will benefit from the palmRAD SPRD. The unit weighs 1½ pounds and comes with a holster for hands-free monitoring. The enclosure meets the IP54 standard for rugged packaging and can be sprayed with a hose for decontamination. The low power usage in standby or screening modes enable users to operate for 14+ hours continuously without recharging the battery. Notifications for a user in a screening application include a bright LED, an audible alarm and a vibration indication. The standard unit includes a GPS module for providing location data to all spectroscopic reports. A library editor is available for special applications.