HI-STORM 100 System for Transporting Spent Fuel

Holtec International’s HI-STORM 100 System uses the HI-TRAC Transfer Cask for transporting the MPC from the spent fuel pool and for inter-cask MPC transfer required for onsite storage and off-site transport. The HI-TRAC System is engineered to be fully compatible with the HI-STORM 100 and HI-STAR 100 overpacks, and satisfies several key operational needs, including:

  • Smallest possible cross-sectional area to permit placement in tight-cask spaces in many pools.
  • Flexibility in the design – sites that don’t have more than a 100-ton lifting capacity may be defueled using HI-TRAC.
  • Maximum protection against contamination of the MPC’s external surface.

To deal with crane lifting capacity limitations, HI-TRAC is licensed in two anatomically similar designs, the HI-TRAC 100 and HI-TRAC 125. The annexes 100 and 125 imply the maximum weight of the loaded HI-TRAC in tons during its lifting and handling operations.

HI-TRAC 100 and HI-TRAC 125 are physically identical except the HI-TRAC 125 provides more shielding. Both accommodate the standard MPC. The HI-TRAC transfer cask provides shielding of the fuel housed in the MPC to minimize personnel exposure during handling and MPC closure operations.