Geovariances Launches, the Easy Route to Site Remediation

Geovariances launches, an easy-to-use and fast application for thorough data quality control and accurate contamination mapping. is a light version of Kartotrak. The software gathers Kartotrak exploratory data analysis and rapid mapping functionalities. Kartotrak, in its full version, enables more advanced geostatistical data modeling and uncertainty quantification associated with contaminated volumes or masses of pollutants. It can also model several pollutants together.

As a player involved in site characterization projects, decisions are often based on limited and heterogeneous data. integrates and uses all available data, analyzes them thoroughly, and extracts relevant information to generate contamination maps that are reliable and accurate. helps optimize time and decision-making, and is a user-friendly application. It combines statistical and geostatistical tools, and GIS components, and a 3D Viewer.

Benefits include:

  • Increased confidence in data
  • Inproved knowledge and understanding of the contamination
  • Time saving during site characterization
  • Better preparation of site remediation
  • Facilitated communication between project stakeholders

Key points include:

  • Integration and visualization of all available data (surveys, surface measurements, DTM, aerial views, plans, etc.)
  • Data controlled, validated and put in their environmental context
  • Fast 2D and 3D mapping
  • Production of excavation plans
  • Integrated workflow