Construction Completion Certificate Has Been Signed at Ignalina NPP

 On 26 September 2012, the State Commision on acceptance of the repository visited SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP), to which Buffer Storage Facility for Very Low Level Radioactive Waste was delivered (project B19-1).

The members of the Commission were introduced to the project documentation and visited the Storage Facility building, where equipment operation was exhibited. The Buffer Storage Facility building construction completion certificate was signed. Issue of the license which will allow Ignalina NPP to commence safe operation of Buffer Storage Facility for Very Low Level Radioactive Waste is expected after agreeing with VATESI the Final Buffer Storage Safety Assessment Report.

In December, 2007 SE Ignalina NPP signed the agreement on the Short-Lived Very Low Level Waste Storage Facility design and construction with JSC “Specialus montažas,” JSC “Vilstata,” SC “Pramprojektas,” Lithuanian Energy Institute consortium. The Storage Facility project was prepared in February, 2010 and the permission to construct Buffer Storage Facility was received in April, 2010. The construction works were accomplished by Visaginas construction company “Vilstata.” Buffer Storage Facility tests were accomplished in April 2012. After performing the Storage Facility tests, VATESI has approved the Ignalina NPP report on the accomplished tests of Buffer Storage Facility for very low level radioactive waste and confirmed that the facility satisfies solutions implementing nuclear protection, radiation protection, physical protection and nuclear materials accounting and control requirements.

The Buffer Storage Facility for radioactive waste is the first part of the project B19 which objective is to build the Landfill Facility for Short-Lived Very Low Level Waste.

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